The Most Profitable Franchises UK

What are the most profitable franchises UK?

A profitable franchise can come from any industry, but one of the best ways to ensure that your investment in a franchise opportunity is going to give you huge returns is by picking industries that are always in demand and require very low start up costs. As you search through, keep in mind the top 5 areas where you can put in a little bit of money for a franchise and be sure to come out with a lot.


Home Healthcare Franchises

According to Forbes, home healthcare franchises is a great opportunity because average investment costs are lower than many other franchise opportunities. There is growing demand with the number of people over age 60 set to triple by the year 2050, and there are high revenues to be had by franchisees. There is a wide variety of chains available that empower people to provide nursing and assistance to the elderly, while still retaining high profits. But, perhaps one of the best advantages to going into home healthcare is the high sense of satisfaction many franchisees report. It’s one of the few franchise opportunities that will allow you to do some real good in your community every day and always have the sense that you have given back.


Cleaning Services Franchises

Many successful maid services now offer cleaning franchise opportunities that you can buy into cheaply. With many business models requiring customers to pay for supplies, overheads are low, and you get the two main benefits of franchising that aren’t easy to come by when starting out on your own: immediate trust and recognition.


Pet Services Franchises

Even in the worst of economic times, people will still spend money on their beloved furry friends. From dog walking to boarding, grooming to emergency veterinary care, pet franchises are always a safe bet, because dogs and cats will always get their owner’s attention and affection. Animal lovers should take a close look at all the possibilities in this industry. Some of the bigger brands in emergency pet medicine and grooming might require a significant amount of start-up cash, but are generally steady business that you can count on. While kennels and walking services are very cheap and easy, but having a nationally recognized name attached gives you the credibility that people want when they’re trusting their four-legged family members to a stranger.


Fitness Franchises

There are plenty of great, trademarked fitness franchises out there that you can opt into. Even if you have a passion for physical fitness yourself, trying to find clients to train and coming up with your own routines can become stressful and time consuming. By paying the relatively low fees to own your own version of a nationally recognized exercise program, you get access to an incredible routine with proven results and instant brand recognition from people looking to lose weight and get a little more firm.


Home Based Franchises’s list of the most inexpensive franchises has a lot of focus on franchise opportunities that convert franchisees into salesmen. From cruises to promotional products, becoming the owner of a franchise that sells products is a low investment because it requires almost no overheads. You simply invest in your own small business that you can run out of your home, receive support and training from the larger corporation, and then go out on your own, and at your own pace, to find potential customers.


Featured Franchises

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