Multi-Unit Franchisee Freezes Moe’s Expansion in Columbia, MO


Franchisee Jeff Offutt, who owns 44 Subway sandwich franchises, several Five Guys Burgers and Fries and 3 Moe’s Southwest Grills, has put a hold on his plan to add a fourth Moe’s in South Columbia because two of his three Moe’s are doing “so-so” business.

The franchise’s corporate office is making changes to allow for local tastes and preferences — “things that we weren’t allowed to do before,” Offutt said — so he’s banking on the changes to improve business.
Downtown eateries are especially vulnerable to the seasonal nature of student spending, he said, with wide fluctuations in business volume connected to the ebb and flow of the college student population. — Jodie Jackson Jr., Columbia Daily Tribune

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Source: Franchise News