Forever Yogurt Multi-Unit Owner Tells How He Got Started


Sam Sheth, who owns three Forever Yogurt franchise locations and at least one Red Mango, shares how he chose Forever Yogurt over a couple of pizza franchises he was also considering and the road he’s traveled since that decision around three years ago.

Sam Sheth [in response to question]: I am from Gujarat, India. I came here, to the United States, in 1995. I work for CVS as a pharmacy manager. I’m a pharmacist.
…Samar Sheth, my cousin, and I were looking for something on the side to add to our income. We wanted to find a business or businesses that could be run with a minimal amount of personnel. We researched and came across Forever Yogurt.
…Our only regret with the Glenview location is that we didn’t fully research the project. — Chief Chats

Reflecting with the clarity of hindsight about their mistake at the Glenview location, Sam gives some helpful advice:

I advise those interested in franchising to research the area, visit it during the busy season and during the off season. Learn about the residents in the area and their demographics such as age, gender, ethnicity, etc. Conduct a trade area audit of the rental space that you are considering; find out who your direct competitors will be, is it located in a high-traffic area, etc. If you really do your research, you will find a perfect site for your franchise and your business will be successful. [via Chief Chats]

Source: Franchise News