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We’ve been running our award-winning tutoring business for years. We’ve tried different systems and fine-tuned what works, what’s efficient, and what takes the stress away from you. When you take on a Tutor In A Box franchise, we share all our expertise and experience – all of it.

We’ll hold your hand and support you the whole way through – from the beginning to the end. From the initial phone calls and discussions, to training and continued support through 1-1s and team days, we are continually on hand to support you. We provide significant support by training you and advising you on how to run the business, whilst also helping you set up the business.

Buying a franchise with us will also grant you the benefit of our national advertising and promotion. You get exclusive rights to the franchise, within a specified region and an exclusive client base. You’ll also be provided with a dedicated web page where parents can contact you about tuition. 

We are passionate about helping people feel good about it and we need your help to do that. Our vision is that every student in the UK passes their Maths and English GCSE exam first time. We truly believe that with the right support, everyone is capable of this. Our mission is to make people feel good about education. Therefore the way we teach is to empower students at every age to enjoy learning. We want them to be inspired to learn – and thereby they will choose to learn, rather than being forced to. We want students to become actively engaged in different subjects and interests. 

We are looking for people who have the drive and commitment to run and grow their own business rather than just work as a tutor. It’s important to us that every franchisee is able to offer our tuition services to the high standard that parents, carers and schools expect.

So, how much does it cost?


A franchise is an investment – and there’s no denying it’s a big one! You’re investing into your future both with time and money, and it’s important it’s the right one.

There are two fees involved with our franchise – there’s an initial, one-off upfront payment and then an ongoing monthly fee.

We have purposefully made it affordable, and when we say that, we mean it. The initial one-off charge is £2,500 and that’s an upfront charge to set you up. It includes your initial training days, your key marketing materials and of course a wonderful yellow t-shirt and hoodie! After that, there is an ongoing regular monthly fee. We’ll provide you with full details of potential earnings, including suggested costs per hour in addition to an anticipated number of students at our discovery event.

Just so you know, we don’t require you to have a dedicate property to operate from. We understand that this can be an unnecessary cost (and headache). You can take out a franchise and work in students homes, your own house or even online.

If you’re a teacher, TA or tutor who want to be in business for themselves, not by themselves then you’re the person for us!