easyMarketing kicks off Franchising

easyMarketing Stelios

Exciting Marketing opportunity from easyGroup as easyMarketing kicks off Franchising

Become the boss of your own marketing agency, working from the comfort of your own home,  Nathan Siekierski, Director of easyMarketing part of the easyGroup explains more.

The marketing world is quite simply one of the most exciting  industry’s out there, it is very fragmented one with 25,000 marketing entities and hundreds of thousands of marketing professionals competing for business. More often than not these marketing services can only offer only a few channels of marketing to customers and the owners get stuck in the business and are unable to grow past a certain level.

Our research shows that businesses are left unsure who to choose and trust, they are crying out for a trusted go to recognisable brand, which is why easyMarketing part of the easyGroup, famously created by easyJet founder Stelios, came to be and is now kicking off its search for marketing professionals that are hungry for success.

We want to give business owners a go to transparent great value brand they can trust, where they get to deal with local marketing professionals – this is where the ‘easy’ brand comes in, founded by serial entrepreneur and Billionaire SIR STELIOS HAJI-LOANNOU

As successful billionaire entrepreneur Sir Stelios says ‘Building a trusted brand requires more than just an idea, it requires trusted marketing partners who have a mutual interest and passion for your success, I have no doubt that the easyMarketing team will give their fullest support in helping you and your clients achieve your goals.

The bottom line is that every business needs marketing, whether they want it or not, the problem is who do they go to as a first choice? Who do they trust?

Well in your area they will trust ‘easyMarketing’ and come to you for great value, transparent, honest, straight talking marketing services. With the backing and support of a giant global brand you will have the chance to build a client base that allows you to earn six figures whilst working from home.

easyMarketing are going to turn a significant part of the marketing world orange by empowering and supporting ambitious people like yourself as marketeers, agencies, independent marketeers and marketing professionals the chance to invest in their own easyMarketing franchise which will enable you to scale up your own marketing business with the support of a global brand.

You will own your own marketing business but will not be alone, we will train you on how to win, keep and grow clients using our exclusive power of 7 Marketing system. If you love marketing, are ambitious, want to earn great money, work from home on your own terms – then this is not an oppourtunity to be missed.

The investment level is starting at £19,997 plus Vat and that will give our franchise owners the tools, leads and support to bring on the first 20 / 30 clients worth around £30,000 / £45,000 a month in fees within 6 months meaning you can very quicklybe earning  £60,000 plus pro rata working from home at times to suit you, you can in years two and three grow this income with our support to six figures, we provide all the education, systems and processes to power our franchise owners to marketing success.

The very best part of this is that easyMarketing do almost all of the technical work, the heavy lifting centrally so that our franchise owners can spend maximum amount of time analysing and improving things for their existing clients and winning new clients from the leads we generate, the best way to look at this opportunity is you have a huge back room marketing team that  essentially works for you only you don’t have to recruit, train or manage them – they are just there ready to go!

Meaning you can keep your overheads down, scale up and build your own marketing agency and increase your earnings and wealth rapidly.

For your investment you will get your own exclusive territory, centralised transparent lead generation, CRM, sprout social software and easyMarketing own sales application, product and service training with our experts like sky, Elonex, google and more, ongoing support along with our very own ‘7 power marketing system’ sales and conversion training, retention programs  and lots of tools for your clients to increase their business and value.

If you really want to accelerate your marketing business or career then easyMarketing is the route for you.

Nathan Added, to kick off we have decided to offer the easyMarketing  grant to the first 5 franchisees of £5,000, meaning the initial investment will be £14,997 plus VAT, this is limited to the first 5 applicants so apply now to avoid disappointment.

Learn more about the easyMarketing franchise today.