Useful character traits for recruitment franchise owners


Useful character traits for recruitment franchise owners

If you are considering starting your own recruitment franchise, you’ll naturally want the franchise to be as successful as possible. Below we outline some useful character traits for recruitment franchise owners, so you can see if your personality matches any of the outlined traits. Knowing and understanding these traits can also be useful when you are hiring employees to join your recruitment franchise, as you can focus on hiring personality types that will flourish in the recruitment world.

1. Charismatic

Working in recruitment is often customer-facing, meaning you’ll have to interact with clients and prospective employees on a daily basis. Many people can find being in constant communication with people draining, but individuals who are successful in recruitment will feel energised after talking to people and use their charismatic personality to form connections with people. If a company is approached by two recruiters, the recruiter who they feel is the most charismatic and compatible with their company will most likely secure the position.

2. Determination

There is no doubt about it, recruitment is a competitive career. Whether you are competing with other agents to recruit for a vacant job position or helping your prospect secure a role, determination and drive are essential. A successful recruiter should enjoy working in a competitive environment and not feel overwhelmed by it. For example, for one corporate job a company will usually receive at least 250 resumes. A recruiter must enjoy the competition of recruitment and help their candidates progress to the next stage of the process.

3. Passion

No matter what industry you work in, whether you are starting your own recruitment franchise or another form of business, it is essential you feel passionate about it. If you feel passionate about your career you will not only benefit from a better work/life balance but you will also feel more fulfilled on a daily basis.

If you have worked in recruitment in the past, but have felt unfulfilled despite loving the recruitment industry, starting your own recruitment franchise could be the answer. A franchise will allow you to continue to pursue the career you love whilst being your own boss and having greater freedom on a day to day basis.

4. Problem solving

At their core, recruiters are people who solve problems. They help businesses with a hole in their company to find the perfect employee to complete their company and make positive changes to their business. For this reason, a successful recruitment franchise owner must be interested in problem-solving. If you enjoy solving problems, whether they are problems in your work or personal life, a career as a recruitment franchise owner may be perfect for you.

5. Creative

Creativity is not something instantly associated with recruitment as it is usually perceived as a data-driven career. However, many successful recruiters utilise their creative skills on a daily basis. A creative franchise owner, for example, may creatively place a candidate for a role they had not considered before or found a creative solution to an employment problem within a company. It is also beneficial for a recruitment franchise owner to be creative as this will help them to inspire their employees and put their own unique spin on their franchise.

6. Strategic

It is important individuals working within or who own a recruitment franchise, are able to think strategically. Strategic thinking will allow them to stay two steps ahead of their competitors and find new immerging talent before the talent has even appeared on their recruitment competitor’s radar. If you are an organised individual in your daily work and home life, it is a good indication that you have strategic traits within your personality. Being organised is evidence that you can think analytically and you are reliable, which are essential components of strategic thinking.

7. Social

As a franchise owner, it will be your choice of how often you spend time with clients and your employees. In the recruitment industry, however, face-to-face time with employees and clients is often essential to build a strong workforce and maintain positive relationships with clients. For this reason, individuals with a social personality and who enjoy communication with others often prove to be very successful in the recruitment industry. If you enjoy socialising and have strong communication skills, this is a good indication that opening a franchise within the recruitment industry is the right choice for you.

If you are interested in recruitment franchise opportunities, do not hesitate to contact UK Franchise Opportunities today. No matter what character traits you possess, we can help connect you with the perfect franchise for your unique skills and preferences. If you have any questions about working within the recruitment industry, do not hesitate to contact us today.