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UK Franchise Opportunities is a franchise directory of franchise opportunities for sale in the UK. Search local franchises for sale by franchise opportunity type or by franchise areas local to you. Find a franchise opportunity that is ideal for your skills, budget & lifestyle. UK Franchise Opportunities provides a wealth of useful franchising information & lists top franchises, new franchises, part time franchises, home based franchises and many other types of franchise to suit your interests, skills & lifestyle.

Franchising is a great way to start your own business and franchise businesses have a much higher success rate than other start-ups. Franchising is a great way to change career path as well as full training and support is provided by the franchise business owner, or franchisor.

Self employment via franchising is an increasingly popular way for people to start their own business, change career direction and find a better work-life balance. We hope you enjoy our website and wish you every success finding your ideal franchise.

UK Franchising Information…


930 Franchise Brands Operating in the UK

The number of franchise business outlets now totals 39,000+

7% increase in Franchise Businesses

Over the past 5 years there has been a 7% increase in franchise business units.

Full Time Jobs in franchising

Over a ¼m full-time jobs created by franchises in the UK

Total Economic Contribution

The total economic contribution of the franchising industry now stands at £15 billion.

UK Employment

Franchising employs over 600,000 people in the UK

UK Owned and Run

4 in 5 of the franchise businesses in the country are now UK owned and run.

Franchising Profitability

Percentage of franchise business units profitable: 97%

46% Growth Over the Past 10 Years

Franchising in the UK has grown by 46% in the last 10 years.

How to franchise my business?

Are you considering franchising your business in the UK? Franchising is a great way to expand a small business and has many advantages over growing organically.


Franchise Consultants UK

How to franchise my business? We have many years experience helping entrepreneurs expand by franchising their businesses. Our expert panel of franchise consultants will help you through every stage of the process including;

Franchise documentation – To franchise your business you are going to need franchise documentation including franchise legal agreements, business plans & franchise operating manuals.

Franchise advertising & marketing – Once set-up you need to generate leads and interest in your franchise. Our websites generated over 15,000 franchise recruitment leads last year!

Franchise recruitment – Recruiting new franchisees to invest in your franchise takes time and effort and is a very specialized skill. Our consultants are experts and can help you through the entire recruitment process

Find out more about franchising my business

Franchising News & Articles

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What is a franchise operations manual?

What is a franchise operations manual & why is it so important? A franchise operations manual is a guide on everything that is needed to carry out the daily operations of your business, if you like a "painting by numbers"…

How to franchise my business?

How do I franchise my business? If you are interested to find out how to franchise your business there are some key things you need to consider first including;   Is your business franchiseable? Firstly how long have you been…

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Franchise UK Partnership with Small Business Grants

We are pleased to announce that Franchise UK has partnered with Small Business Grants ( , the free-to-enter monthly cash initiative for businesses that have been set up and are actively trading. Applying for Small Business Grants is easy. All…

Clear Brew signs up 41st Franchisee

The Uk’s leading independent beer line cleaning company, Clear Brew, is well on its way to achieving complete National coverage after signing its 41st Franchisee. Neil Hickton has secured the Leicestershire and Rutland region and having completed his training during…

An outstanding count – 34 to be exact!

Home Instead Senior Care is officially the most outstanding franchise opportunity in the care sector. When it comes to care quality - it’s ratings from the care regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that count. That’s not a problem for…

£500,000 Investment in Tunbridge Wells Town Centre

The Massage Company (TMC) is set to expand their UK store base and launch their second centre with a £500,000 investment in Tunbridge Wells. Massages available in the 14 treatment rooms are  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports & Maternity massage all…

OSCAR Pet Foods is ‘Leading the Way’ … to a new business opportunity

The UK's largest pet food home-delivery franchise is extending its expertise to a new and exciting pet food franchise opportunity. With over twenty years of experience in a growth industry, it comes as no surprise that OSCAR Pet foods have…

Franchising FAQ

What is a franchise? - Definition of a franchise

A franchise is when an existing, already trading business model is copied. This copying is achieved by production of franchising materials such as a franchise agreement, franchise operating manuals, business plans & forecasting and detail operations and franchise training manuals & support.

History of franchising - Background & where franchising began

Many people think that franchising is relatively new, it’s not. The fact is franchising a business model goes right back to the 19th Century! Many new to franchising also think of fast food franchises but franchising in the UK covers many different industries and contributes billions to the UK economy.

What are the advantages of a franchise compared to setting up alone?

Franchising is replicating an already “proven” business model, market and concept. This and the support given by Franchisors ( the business model owner ) is what makes the success rate of a new business via a franchise model so much higher than setting up on your own.

Essentially franchising is being in business for yourself but not by yourself, reducing risk and in many cases being able to launch more quickly using the already established brand of the Franchisor.

What are the most profitable franchises?

This is an almost impossible question as with all businesses, whether a franchise business or not the success of failure is down to you, the business owner. Many see well established franchise brands that have a high repeat business rate, i.e food, lawn care, cleaning as the most successful long term but that’s not always the case and you also need to consider your own interests and skills as to ensure success you need to make sure the franchise is a good match to your background, skills and experience.