Whats it like owning a franchise UK?

What’s it Really Like to Own a Franchise UK?

You might have been recently browsing the numerous franchises available on UK-franchise-opportunities.org, and wondering what it actually looks like to own a business that’s a part of a much larger umbrella company. The truth is that the day-to-day world of a franchisee is very similar to those of many other small business owners, but with some added benefits that make life a bit easier. So what is it like owning a franchise UK?

Great Work/Life Balance

For Jayne Colbeck, who owns a franchise of cartridge world in Scarborough, the investment in a franchise opportunity has meant a lot more time with her boys. She was able to open her store within walking distance of her home, meaning that she can wake up every morning, fix a healthy breakfast and lunch for her family, walk her kids to school and then go in. There’s no worry about the opening of the store because she has dependable staff that she hand picked to open up for her. This also means that she can delegate closing duties to others, allowing her to go and pick her boys up as well. And if there are any issues, having been able to choose the location of her work means that she’s always close by in an emergency.

Support and Marketing

While the day to day duties of a franchise owner are very similar to those of any other boss or business owner, one area where they don’t normally have to worry is marketing and training. Many franchises offer special programs that cover the training of employees to familiarise them with the brand, saving you the time and effort necessary to explain how everything works. As well, there’s no need to worry so much about promoting your business because most franchisors will take care of marketing for you; or at least guide you on what works. So, owners of franchises can relax a little on the more tedious and complex details of work and focus on picking great employees and ensuring excellent profits.

Too Much Efficiency

For the owner of McDonalds franchises in New Zealand, there might be such a thing as too much of a good thing. While answering questions from Reddit users, this anonymous owner of several McDonalds spoke candidly about his experience as a franchise owner, explaining that the stores get so efficient that they’re boring after a few months. Now he feels that he wants to challenge himself more and expand. The potential to be pulling in as much money as an international franchise like McDonalds does, and get bored because it runs so well, is for many an appealing change of pace from the high risk challenge of starting a business from nothing.

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