Attending A Franchise Discovery Day

Franchise Discovery Days – What You Need To Know

A Franchise Discovery Day does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives the  potential Franchisee the chance to meet with a Franchisor to discover more about the franchise.  This could be a one-on-one meeting or an appointment to attend a presentation on the franchise opportunity, it’s products or services.

These Discovery Days are great for both the Franchisor and potential Franchisee alike. The Franchisor can meet you to see if you are the right calibre for the franchise network,  by finding out more about your background, skills and what they’re looking for from a franchise opportunity.

The potential Franchisee gets to see the business up close and personal and get some words of wisdom from someone who has been in their shoes. This is a golden opportunity to ask questions about the franchise opportunity, in order to research a better understanding of the offering.

Attending a discovery day is without obligation and purely is a meeting to decide it you would like to take matters further. There should be no pressure put on the franchisee seeker to make any kind of commitment on the spot.

Ultimately, you will need to decide if that is the ideal franchise for you, your skills and lifestyle.