Why Franchises Are The Perfect Option For Hard Working Mums

As all mums will know, finding the time to combine motherhood with work can be a challenge. Small children take a lot of looking after and it can be all but impossible to find a job that’s flexible, enjoyable and lucrative enough to fit around family life and the school day.

Luckily for ambitious women across the country, there is a fantastic alternative to traditional employment available – the family friendly franchise. Flexible, financially rewarding and fun, franchises aimed at women can give mums the career they want while still giving them plenty of time to look after the kids.

These ‘mums franchises’ cover a huge variety of sectors, allowing almost everyone to find a new career that suits them perfectly.


Building up a successful franchise is a good way to provide your family with a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Being your own boss will allow you to reap the rewards of your hard work, with the more hours that you put in equating to more money in the bank. As long as you join a reputable company with a strong potential for future growth, you should see a boost to your lifestyle within the first few years of your new business.


One of the main things that attracts women to the world of mums franchises is the flexibility that they offer.

Unlike other types of employment, franchises aimed at women offer flexible working, with many taking place during the school day.

Before and after school clubs, beauty businesses and franchises that specialise in health products are all easy to fit around your children’s timetable, with many allowing you to choose your own hours and working schedule. This will help you to build a successful career and a happy home, something that many women dream of.

Why women make good franchisees

In recent years, more and more women have joined the world of business and become franchisees. In 2003, just 21% of franchisees were women. By 2010, the number had shot up to 39%, a huge increase in a relatively short space of time.

This is largely because women have begun to realise that their skills and experience are just as valid as those of their male counterparts. Women are also beginning to expect more from their careers and their lifestyle and are looking for options that allow them to enjoy the best of both worlds.

As women often have extensive experience in communications, organisation and sales, they are perfectly placed to take advantage of the opportunities that mums franchises offer and make a real success of their career and their home life.