What you need to know about coffee franchises in the UK

What You Need to Know About Coffee Franchises in the UK

Caffeine lovers in the UK have a reason to smile owing to the increase in the production of quality coffee over the recent years. It’s no secret that the British passion for fine coffee surpasses their interest in beer, even Facebook. If you think 50 million cups of coffee per day is a lot, try adding another 20.

The demand for good coffee would lead to a spring of coffee-related franchises in the UK. Next to oil, coffee boasts the second largest consumer good in the world. As such, the opportunities for launching a franchise for providing this much-loved drink are immense. You would think that everyone would be rushing to grab space for their coffee shop. This is not the case.

The average drinker in the UK holds his/her coffee in very high regard. They are very particular and fussy about their cup now more than ever. They want to know the conditions in which it was made and are conscious to their consumption environment. This makes running a coffee business exciting but demanding. All the same, with the right franchise, you could easily become a favorite for many looking to get their daily cup of a cappuccino or an espresso. Here’s a look at coffee franchises in the UK.


Coffee Shop Franchise

These are the most challenging as they require the most investment to launch. First, there’s the leasing cost. Also, you might have to hire additional employees depending on the size of your venture. Even so, associating your coffee shop with a recognizable brand such as Starbucks or Costa could boost your business a major leap. The already established reputation cuts down the promotion and advertisement costs.


Mobile Coffee Franchise

The mobile coffee franchise is based on a moving shop; a van/bicycle and low-cost stock making it highly cost-effective. The enormous space in the market for this franchise is a portrayal of the unexploited opportunity that lurks within. If you’re a first-time mobile coffee franchisee, make the busy city districts your first destination. One caffeine-starved office worker is all you need to carry word of your fine coffee to the others.


Coffee Vending Franchise

The distribution part of the industry is practically the most affordable coffee franchise. Specializing in selling machinery and products to coffee shops within a clear-cut territory, this type of permit can be done from home with minimal expenses.

Keep in mind that the coffee culture you decide to incorporate into your coffee shop, mobile coffee, or coffee vending franchises plays a major role in the overall success of your coffee enterprise.

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