What types of automotive franchises are available?

How many different types of automotive franchises are available in the UK?

The automotive industry contributes a huge amount to the UK economy, we love our cars in the UK and care ownership has grown massively and of course associated businesses accordingly. But in terms of franchise opportunities what sort of automotive related franchises are available?

Well most people will immediately think of car & vehicle dealers. These local retailers are long established automotive franchises working for many major vehicle brands but there are many more different types of automotive related business opportunities out there including;



Car repair franchises in other words vehicle mechanic workshop franchises are very popular in the US and other parts of the world and there are some huge brands. UK however most of the day to day mechanical repairs are usually dealt with by the vehicle manufacturers local dealership franchisees.



This is a really interesting automotive franchise. Firstly you have car & van short term rental, this usually involves premises and vehicle stock which is hired daily, weekly, monthly on a short term basis. This sort of franchise requires a significant investment and a lot of day to day management but rewards can be high. Car & vehicle leasing franchises however are a totally different business model. Many of these are run from home and are basically a sales role usually websites to promote packages sold by the franchisee and then the car leasing franchisor manages the delivery process. These can be very lucrative franchises and offer both retail & home based franchise opportunities



Everyone hates washing their car and the automated machines, at least in my experience are no very good either! Car washing franchises are a relatively low cost franchise but it will either require a lot of physical labour on your part or you will need to employ and manage staff to carry out the work. That said car washing franchises are cheap to set-up, have low overheads and good profit margins.



Car detailing franchises including valet are different to above. Usually they tend to target higher end vehicles and offer many additional services including waxing, polishing, detailing. Usually these require more investment than car washing franchises but sales values are much higher with car valeting franchises.



Alloy wheels are expensive and very easy to scratch as well! Because of this repair makes a lot of financial sense and this is why allow wheel repair franchises have really grown and been successful in the UK. Some of these franchises also offer additional services such as care dent removal franchises and car paint scratch removal to maximize services and revenue opportunities for their franchisees.



Love driving? Many people really enjoy being behind the wheel. For those a driving franchise is ideal. Some of these opportunities include driving school franchises, courier franchises, van sales franchises, card distribution franchises & local retail shop distribution franchises to name a few.

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