What are the most profitable pet franchises for sale?

What types of Pet franchises are available?

Pet franchises are a popular franchise choice. This franchise type covers many areas of the pet care
industry to ensure that pets and their owners needs met. Pet franchises cover owners every aspect
of pet care from pet food delivery, to boarding and daily walks, even veterinary care.

Pet franchise opportunities cover many areas of business and include the following;


Pet food franchises

Pet food franchises are proving to be a popular franchise option, these can often be operated as a
mobile franchise pet food delivery service. Specialising in high quality pet foods many pet owners
take advantage of ordering pet food via franchised delivery service This franchise type requires
great customer service skills and a genuine love of animals.


Pet grooming franchises

Pet grooming is big business, keeping our pets looking good and feeling comfortable is important
for responsible pet ownership. Whilst training is required to professionally groom, if its your hearts
desire to own a grooming business you could either be prepared to train or consider operating the
franchise management style and employing the skills.


Pet walking franchises

Pet walking franchises could be ideal for a franchisee that adores dogs, walking is great exercise for
us too. Often with low cost investment this could be a great choice for someone looking to generate
a second income stream whilst caring for your clients pets.


Pet boarding franchises

High quality pet boarding is always in demand, this type of franchise is considered to be a lifestyle
business, profits can be high the level of investment varies. Location is key to running a successful
pet boarding franchise as various planning laws will come into play.


Veterinary franchises

These can be high profit and have the potential to be run management style. This type of franchise
will be a high level of investment in order to kit out your clinic and recruit professional trained
caring staff.

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