What are the High Quality Franchises to Invest in?

Coffee Shop Outlet

If you are looking to invest in a franchise in UK, you have many high-cost as well as low-cost franchise opportunities to explore from.

UK is the land of opportunity. The investment options here are endless. Investors from around the world want to own or invest in a business in this region. The easiest way to invest here is to buy a franchise for sale in UK. The possibilities are endless. Each and every industry has a plethora of brands and their franchises are easily available for sale. The investors have a wide variety of prospects to choose from. They can do their research, and find out where their interests lie, and make a calculated decision accordingly. The potential the UK franchise market has attracted thousands of serious buyers.

According to the British Franchise Association, franchised units generated £17.2bn in 2018. Franchise investment is a great addition to the investor’s investment portfolio; the better the brand, the better the turnover. There are many high-quality franchises available, investment in which can make a millionaire out of the investor. The best thing about buying a franchise is that the business has already been setup, all the teething problems have been resolved by professionals, and it is a growing profitable business. The investor has all the basic support they would need to run the business. Prior knowledge of the industry, or degrees etc. are not necessary to become an owner of a franchise.

Let us take a look at the high-quality franchises each industry has to offer.

The high-quality brands are where the money is. The businesses are well established and their returns are better than the low-cost franchises. The low-cost franchises may have a lower initial investment, but with that they have lower returns as well. So, investors willing to build a diverse investment portfolio need to invest in some high-quality franchises. We have broken them down industry wise.

Accountancy and Financial

In the accounting and financial industry, you have a lot of award winning, big franchises for sale. For example, Action COACH, who won the Compare the Financial Market’s Award for the UKs Best Business Opportunity, and has been the World’s Number 1 Business Growth Franchise. With an initial investment of £44,000, it has one of the highest turnovers in the industry. The Money Shop is another high-quality franchise to invest in, with an initial investment of £115,000. Cash Converters franchise is also available for sale, with an initial investment of £125,000. The company is a provider of personal finance to the market. Quick Mediator and Cash Generator franchises are also available for around £80,000.

Children Franchises

Franchises operating for children are also a great investment with high-quality franchises available for sale. For example, BrainFit Studio, is all about focusing on the children’s emotional and cognitive well-being. Then we have upscale school franchises like the Stone Eden Nursery School franchise. These have an initial investment of £100,000 and up. But they are absolutely worth it.

Food Franchise UK

In the food industry, you have both big and small franchises for sale. There are famous franchises like KFC, and Dominos, for an initial investment of over a £100,000. Then there are Alchemista and Petes fish and Chips that are available for the same initial investment of a little over a £100,000. These franchises are high quality with great turnovers.

Internet Franchises

Broadband Cloud Solutions is one of the high-quality internet franchises available for sale. The internet franchises are cheaper to buy and have a good turnover. This is a great area to invest in. Another good franchise available is the Bidding Buzz, which is an e-Bay based e commerce website franchise.

Photography Franchises

In this industry, FlyHigh is a franchise that investors can invest in for substantial gains. It is a high quality, virtual reality Tour Company.

Travel and Leisure Franchises

This industry is very popular as us Brits love to travel. Businesses in this area thrive in the UK. There are many high-quality franchises available for purchasing in this industry. Someone who has an interest in travelling and wants to earn a living out of his passion can invest in this industry. The Camping and Caravaning Club franchise is a high-quality franchise available for sale. Its initial investment is a little steep, at £400,000, but the return is just as high.

Automotive Franchises

The Automotive industry contributes £77 billion to UKs economy. There is enormous opportunity in this industry. The franchises for sale include car repair stores, dent and alloy wheel repairs, car and vehicle leasing and rental, and car washing etc. with an initial investment of £44,000 allowing to buy a wheel refurbishing franchise called The Wheel Specialist. Driver Hire and White 7 UK are also good quality options of chauffer providing businesses.

Education Franchises

The education industry has a number of high-quality franchises for sale. Investing in this sector is beneficial both for the investor and the community. The franchisor will give full support to the franchisee so that the franchise is up and running smoothly. One of the high-quality franchise one can invest in is Eurekakids franchise, costing a minimum of £42000. Brian Tracey Global is a training setup available for sale for an initial investment of £45000. It is a corporate training and coaching setup, which has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

Health & Beauty Franchises

The health and beauty franchises available for sale have a lot of big name options like Tony and Guy, Centro Unico, Anesis, Super cuts and Headcase. These salon franchises are available for £50,000 and above.

Coffee Shop Franchises

People of Britain love their coffee so it’s natural that coffee shop franchises would be a lucrative business opportunity here. A lot of big names have their franchises for sale like Costa Coffee, Esquires, Chicken Cottage, Alice and the Hatter, and Stakes n Shakes. The initial investment needed for these high-quality coffee shop franchises start from a minimum of £19000, and go up to £240,000.