Types of franchises businesses UK

What types of franchises businesses are there in the UK?

I started working within franchising after around 15 years small business experience in 2003. I had much the same opinion as many franchising novices at the time in thinking that franchises are all about fast food and burgers.

I had help to franchise my first business and we joined the British Franchise Association. I was fortunate enough to be elected as a Regional Chairman for London & South East which involved being chair for meetings with around 50-60 franchises in and around the area.

This was a great resource of information albeit a steep learning curve. It really helped my understanding of franchising and I realized then how diverse the business industries can be through franchising. Yes sure there are many food and catering franchises for sale but franchising reaches areas from care to catering, retail, services, white collar franchises. In fact any business where the business has a proven method and track record and the skills can be transferred to others can be successfully franchised so the type of franchises businesses possibilities are almost endless.

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