The Massage Company first franchisee set up gets underway


Massage Company’s first franchisees talk about their experience joining the popular massage franchise
I am really excited to be the first franchisee for the Massage Company and the exciting news is we are close to securing our site and new location – more details to  follow but we cannot wait to get the centre open and trading. My previous experience in business is owning and running an IT Consultancy in London and so The Massage Company is a very different project and industry to be involved with to say the least. However, for some time we have been looking for a new business opportunity and considered all types of options; both through  Franchising or as a start-up. The great advantage with a franchise is the support that you get through each and every part of the journey and so moving into a new industry does not feel so daunting – I have to say we have not been disappointed by the support we continue to receive from the TMC group and the people we are working and learning from are industry leaders and extremely capable.
Initially, the thing which attracted me to this opportunity was the simplicity of the business model and the service offered – this is a world away from the fast changing IT industry which means we can become specialists and market leaders if done right. Further, the dedication to processes, training and infrastructure has been thought through on every level. This starts the day you sign the Franchise agreement and through every step of the journey to securing a site, planning, build and beyond. At the same time there is extremely well planned operational training which runs alongside the site planning so that you are ready and no exactly what to expect the day the doors to your own centre opens. With that in mind I am confident that we are joining the right team and business.
The Massage Company model really comes as a complete package – The TMC sites have a great modern look and a lot of emphasis is placed on the TMC teams and building a core culture – so much so that staff are well trained and very happy and this then reflects through to the customer experience.
Having recently identified our first site we have found the operational training and support covers all aspects to get us open and trading successfully. The training itself is modular and there is a lot to learn – behind the scenes there is a great deal of activity and processes to understand and manage so that as a centre we provide a seamless customer journey. We are looking forward to the next phase of journey so look out for details of the new centre openings.
Source: Franchise UK