Restaurant franchises in UK

Restaurant franchises in UK

Almost all of the franchising opportunities in the UK, started out as a single business by an entrepreneur with vision to expand their business by franchising. If you are a businessman and you are dreaming of owing your own franchised outlet there is no better time to explore the options available.

Restaurant franchises in UK are successful due to strong brand recognition, offer great customer service, quality and consistent meal production.

Food is man’s basic need that’s why starting up a restaurant franchised business is a win-win situation, we all need to eat and many people choose a trusted franchised restaurant. The choice of franchised restaurants vary enormously from Sushi to Italian and everything in between.

Many of the bigger, fast food brands include McDonalds, Burger King, KFC. A franchise restaurant follows the highest standards of hygiene as stipulated by the franchisor. The sophisticated supply chains allow consistency whether your franchise is in St Ives or Scotland. As an owner of a franchised restaurant you will benefit from the national and regional advertising campaigns organised by the Franchisor. As a franchisee you will need to be dedicated to ensuring your employees are providing customer excellence.

The advantages of buying a restaurant franchise in UK

In assessing or running a food business, many advantages that the franchisee can benefit from. Franchisees really gain a lot of benefits from just being a franchisee rather than running their own restaurant business set up from scratch.

Much lower risks of failure

This is because the franchised restaurant has a proven, tried and tested formula. You will get the benefit of owning a successful and proven business formula that has already been tested and shown to have worked well in different locations, example of this is the McDonalds that is really a famous fast food chain in UK as well as in other countries.

The disadvantages of buying a franchise in UK

Costly to implement
Franchises in the food industry can be costly sometimes to implement. Some franchises charge high initial fees and ongoing royalties that cut the profits of a franchisee.

The main issue in a restaurant franchise is that there is a need for the franchisee to follow the franchisor’s operations manual in ensuring the consistency of the established brand. This will limit the creativity of the franchisee.

Maintaining the brand image

The franchisee must maintain the good reputation, image and level of service that are already well-established.

Many restaurant franchises are for sale in UK like the McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut and many more. The restaurant franchises can be your way in succeeding in the profitable UK restaurant industry.