New franchising association gets off to a great start

Great start for new, digital franchising association

The Quality Franchise Association ( QFA ) is a new digital franchising association. The QFA was launched around a week ago by Joel Bissitt. Joel has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. Now 47 with almost 20 years franchising experience he has launched the new, not for profit UK franchise association.

The purpose of the QFA is to offer a digital experience, lowering costs & making membership of a franchising association. QFA puts access to information regarding ethical franchising within the reach of all businesses. The QFA also advocates use of digital technology to enable sharing best franchising practice but also reducing carbon footprint of franchise businesses. Most franchising exhibitions & events now are face to face, increasing traffic, polution & damaging the environment & the QFA does not promote or is affiliated with any franchise exhibitions.

The QFA membership offering is very straightforward & has 2 types of membership available. One type of membership is call Full Membership. Full Membership is available to Franchisors, the benefits package is impressive including over £3,000 in free franchise advertising & social media marketing. What’s even more impressive is the price, Full membership costs ust £350 per year! The second type of member is call Partner Membership. A Partner member is a business that either currently or wishes to supply the UK franchising community with products or services. Partner membership again boats huge benefits including around £4,000 in marketing & social media to reach UK based Franchisors. Once again the price point is very competitive & Partner Membership costs just £450 per year.

The QFA have great benefits packages for both types of membership. The senior management team also have extensive franchising experience. What’s really impressive is what the association provides in tangible benefits for such low membership fee’s.