Five Reasons Why Ex Military Personnel Make Great Franchisees

Challenging, rewarding and invigorating, a career in the armed forces is great preparation for a number of professional positions in the outside world. As well as making good team players and excellent employees, ex servicemen make fantastic entrepreneurs and franchisees.

Accustomed to hard work and not afraid to get their hands dirty, former soldiers make ideal franchisees and are often in demand in the industry. If you’re thinking about leaving the services and are considering your next career move, here are five reasons why ex military make great franchisees.


It’s no secret that starting a new business is hard work, and in order to succeed, entrepreneurs need to be extremely disciplined.

A high level of personal discipline will help ex servicemen and women to put in the hours, time and energy that their new venture will need to grow and thrive. Without a certain amount of discipline, a new business simply won’t succeed, just one of the reasons why ex military make great franchises.

Teamwork and leadership

Ex military personnel are able to work extremely well as part of a team and excel in leadership roles.

Understanding how to get the most out of their employees, being able to motivate their staff and getting stuck in when the pressure is on are characteristics that ex military personal and successful entrepreneurs share.


Building up a new franchise takes time. The commitment that army personal learn in the armed forces will be very useful during the early stages of a new venture, helping the entrepreneur to remain committed to their franchise and giving the business a better chance of success.


The training that soldiers receive in the armed forces is varied and comprehensive.

Ex military personnel can often make use of these skills in the world of business, drawing on their logistical, practical and problem solving training when building up their franchise and overcoming the challenges that they will face on the way.


Despite having a wealth of experience and large number of practical skills, most ex military personnel are still relatively young when they retire.

This vitality is a huge asset in the world of business and is guaranteed to help entrepreneurs make a success of their new ventures and make it easier for them to put in the time and energy their business will need in its early stages.

Opportunities available to ex military entrepreneurs

Thanks to their experience, age and commitment, there are a large number of franchise opportunities suitable for ex military personnel.

From health and fitness franchises to security based businesses and logistics, ex servicemen can apply their skills to great affect in a number of different industries and business sectors.

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