Fitness franchises – The gateway to your passion

Today i will be covering the basics about the fitness franchising market in the UK. I will start with firstly stating some facts from sources and working my way down to definitions. And at the end will even include a success story of a well-known fitness franchise thriving in the UK fitness industry so stay tuned.

So now most of us know fitness and health businesses are growing rapidly since people seem to take their health more seriously than they used to and i have numbers to prove this point.


In fact did you know?


Fitness was deemed to be the fastest growing business sector in the UK.

The value of the UK fitness club market is valued at £5.1 billion each year and is expected to grow by 8% each year.

Between 2013 and 2018 the number of private clubs increased from 3,269 to 4,400 which shows a massive growth in private clubs since 2013 in the UK market.

These numbers do not lie to show the fitness industry in the UK is growing by the day and is thriving in the UK franchise market. Also since those numbers are from 2018 think about the potential this means in 2020 for anyone considering running a fitness franchise or franchising their business to expand and become a global business.


Is franchising in the UK worth it?


I would say its very worth it since franchising can turn a small business in to a global well known brand within a matter of years. Of course as long as it is run on a stable business model.


Numbers of the UK franchise market :


Franchising brings in just over £17 billion a year to the UK economy

Increases employment in the UK from just 407,000 in 2011 to 621,000 by 2016 which shows why franchising is good for opportunities for people.

Franchise unit numbers growth. The franchise unit numbers have grown rapidly in the UK from 1993 at 24.9 thousand units to 2015 with 44.2 thousand units almost doubled from 1993.


Different type of fitness franchises?


When you think about a fitness franchise it is easy to just think about a gym. But that is not always the case since their are many different fitness franchise opportunities out there. For example most people will know 9Round they are a gym and some people may have heard of SportsCool they do lessons of fitness at school and run after school clubs so yes they are both in the fitness market in the UK but are both very different to what services they provide in the UK


Thanks for reading!


Hopefully this post has helped some people looking in to franchising whether becoming a franchisee or a franchisor. If the fitness industry is not your cup of tea please stick around since we will be covering many franchise sectors in the UK on this blog to give everyone information on the steps they can take to make their dream careers come true of franchising and thriving in the UK market.

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