Best property franchises in the UK reviews

What types of Property franchises are available?

How many different types of Property franchises are available in the UK?
Property franchises are a popular franchise option. This franchise type may be ideal for white collar
professionals, or anyone with an interest in the UK property market. A property franchise can be
lucrative. With various franchise opportunities available within the Property industry, advances in
technology have opened up further options to franchise investors.

Property franchise opportunities cover many areas of the property market and include the following;


Estate Agent & letting franchises

Retail property franchises are a popular choice for buyers and sellers looking to move up the
property ladder. This franchise type needs a prime location for the office to be located. Whether
you are already a property professional or an aspiring one, training will be provided.


On-line Estate Agent & letting franchises

Many homeowners considering a move choose to use an on-line agent to buy or sell, this type of
franchise could be lower investment, as you may not require commercial premises and will meet
your clients at properties rather than in a traditional office environment.


Property Investment franchises

This franchise type may be ideal for someone interested in making investment in the booming
property market. Working alongside other property professionals this could be a lucrative franchise

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