3 months on & we are growing fast!

Well although it seems like much longer because of the huge amount of activity here it is only 3 months since the launch of the Quality Franchise Association!

It’s not been without it’s challenges, some people don’t like change but the overwhelming feedback we have received has been of support. Thank you to all our members for joining & the many messages of support I have received.

I have had some of my franchising friends ask me, why did you create the QFA & what does it stand for? I have been in business for 29 years, since the age of 19, the last 20 years within franchising. My passion is small business & franchising is a great way for small businesses to grow. Unfortunately many Franchisors, particularly new Franchisors have told me they simply do not see value in joining a franchise association, or tangible benefits to help them grow so do not join. Franchising has it’s problems, the same as any sector & I believe that many of these could be avoided if Franchisors had access to good advice & information from people that have done it themselves. This was my main motivation for creating the QFA.

The QFA’s stands for;

  • Growing ethical franchising – There are around 1,000 franchises in the UK & the majority do not to join a franchise association. I have spoken to hundreds of new Franchisors over the last 20 years or so & they advise this is because they cannot justify the cost of membership. We have structured our membership so it’s affordable to all & are re investing membership fee’s to promote ethical franchising & providing free resources to both Franchisors & prospective Franchisee’s. We are extremely prominent on search engines & social media & provide free franchising & legal guides, an online forum & we have many more initiatives we are working on to help grow franchising & to support Franchisors.
  • Putting franchise association membership within the reach of all Franchisors – QFA membership costs just £350 a year for Franchisors. We are a digital association & keep costs down. We do not have premises, vehicles or salaries to fund. 100% of membership fee’s are used to support our members & promote franchising.
  • Providing high levels of member support – With our online forums, social media groups & dedicated team assisting via phone & email we are receiving positive feedback & testimonials from our membership
  • Investing 100% back into promoting franchising & our members – We are a not for profit company. We are run on a 100% voluntary basis. We do not use members funds to finance cars, buildings or staff costs.

I have really enjoyed the first 3 months as CEO of the Quality Franchise Association & I have been overwhelmed by the support from my franchising colleagues over the last 3 months. Thank you all so much for all your calls, emails & messages of support.

We have made a great start with the Quality Franchise Association & I look forward to working with our members, partners & our team to continue our growth in the coming years.

To find out more about the membership options & apply to join visit https://www.franchise-association.org.uk/join/