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When the music stops – Dating franchises

Would you like to work in an industry that has increased 10 fold in the last decade? If so please read on!

Would you like to find the perfect role for yourself and a way of making a living that you’d get a real buzz from? If so have a look at the questions below to see if the When the Music Stops franchise could be the one for you?

Are you looking for a really good income-generating opportunity?
Are you interested in earning more in a day than you ever thought possible working for someone else?
Would you like to work from home in an exciting and proven business without fixed hours?
Would you enjoy the certainty of knowing your role is substantially improving the lives of your clients and is very much appreciated by them?
Would you also like to be your own boss and in control of your own destiny?
Do you have great people skills and long to use them?
Can you organise people and services to create effortless events of real quality?
Would you like a more flexible working life, out of the office and away from 9-5?
Would you like to run your own lucrative and complete dating company in your area?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions?

Then we’d love to talk to you about joining one of the busiest and best run dating companies in the UK – When the Music Stops

Due to the global economic downturn we are currently experiencing, so many people are now looking to make their way in the world and forge a career doing something completely different. If that applies to you, then When the Music Stops and the booming dating industry could be just what you have been searching for.

When the Music Stops is a company that was set up for the dating boom of the last decade, during which time the industry has seen continuous growth and unprecedented leaps forward in the numbers of people taking part in dating events, online dating and personal introductions in the UK.

So if you would like to profit from this amazing boom too, since 2006 When the Music Stops have presented unique franchise opportunities all around the UK and Ireland, through our unique dating events franchise and Matchmakers our sister personal introductions franchise.

You too could take our proven business model and, with the guidance we would provide for you, create a successful dating business in your locality, which will generate income streams from 3 key areas – dating events such as speed dating, casino evenings, romantic walks, dinner parties, wine tasting evenings and singles party nights, plus offering online dating and personal introductions services too. The dating industry is now worth more than £1 Billion annually in the UK alone, and our business model is designed to help you profit from this thriving market.

Want to know more?

Well click on the link for more information and we will forward our franchise prospectus to enable you to quickly see if it’s for you. There is no obligation either – but you may be just a few clicks away from a new lifestyle and lucrative new business opportunity.

We’d love to hear from you, please complete the enquiry form below;

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