What types of business consulting franchises are available?

What types of Business Advice Franchises are available?

Business in the Business Advice industry is big. Many businesses can see the benefit to
outsourcing certain areas of their businesses requirements to industry experts in a certain field, to
save business valuable time and money. Business Advice franchises may also be referred to as
White Collar and attract professionals that enjoy a consultancy led role. Business Advice franchise opportunities cover many areas of business and include the following;


Recruitment franchises

Finding the right talent is a necessary expense for businesses who are prepared to invest to get the
right candidate for the job. This type of recruitment franchise often specialises within certain key
recruitment areas, these could be in the care sector, cleaning, or in executive recruitment to name
but a few.


Cost reduction franchises

Most businesses want to reduce costs to ensure a healthy profit. With a cost reduction franchise you
will liaise with fellow business professionals, analyse company expenditure and bills to help the
company save money. This can be both interesting and rewarding, to assist other businesses to save
money whilst making money based on the savings you have made.


Coaching franchises

Business Coaching is popular service that benefits business. This can be an ideal franchise for a
professional who enjoys working alongside businesses in a supportive role. Arguably, one of the
most rewarding franchise types watching your clients grow in confidence and hone new
management skills a coaching franchise can be high on the job satisfaction scale.


Digital Marketing franchises

If you love social media and using various digital platforms a digital marketing franchise can be
hard to beat. Many established, successful businesses require these essential marketing skills to
continue to thrive. This is a niche area of business that can be lucrative and is a popular out-sourced
service that is in high demand by businesses keen to up rankings and attract further social media

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