Valenta Franchise

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Run your own business consulting, digital transformation and staff outsourcing business with a Valenta franchise; full training, marketing and ongoing support provided.

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Yes, or Full Time

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United Kingdom

The Valenta Franchise Opportunity

Valenta is a business consulting, digital transformation and staff outsourcing franchise providing specialist services to clients across all industries and sectors via the following 4 verticals:

  • Consulting: myriad service offering including process optimisation, digital implementations, cost efficiencies, client management, HR, financial crime, etc.
  • Digital Transformation: automation of a wide range of tasks for clients using latest tools in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Staff Augmentation: provision of specialist and skilled staff across offshore service centres in India, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe (under development)
  • Learning: customised training and development modules for clients

As a Franchise Partner you will have the opportunity to apply your business acumen and client management prowess coupled with the tools and training we provide to build a highly lucrative business for yourself with recurring and non-recurring income sources. However, unlike any other business franchise, the Valenta Franchise offers the opportunity to work on your business rather than in it! What that means is that overtime you should be able to build a business that could potentially generate a high six figure income even when you decide to take a break and / or hand more of the day-to-day to your staff.

Working with small, medium and large enterprises, you will be able to deliver increased efficiencies, cost savings and process streamlining to your clients. Valenta’s cutting edge service offering is designed to help transform businesses and enhance their competitive advantage; clients can let Valenta take care of the non-differentiated part of their business so that they can focus on differentiation and adding client value. You will work closely with your clients to understand their needs, identify gaps and implement efficient business solutions while working in tandem with specialists and subject matter experts from Valenta. Valenta delivers the operations, allowing you to focus on business development and client management.


The setup costs are relatively very low, with minimal overheads, the ability to work from home and the opportunity to build a high six figure income.

Minimum investment requirement is £50,000, of which £35,000 is Franchise Fee and the remainder is for working capital.

Benefits of a Valenta Franchise

  • Diversified Product Suite: increase client touch points and minimise risk by offering myriad services across 4 verticals which have a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of over £1 trillion
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: earn both one-time and reoccurring revenue as a Franchise Partner. This provides income protection even when you aren’t working.
  • Globally Proven Model: Valenta franchises are successfully operating in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Leverage the experience of vast network of Franchise Partners across the globe.
  • Recession Proof: Valenta services are suitable for all business of any size and any industry. This makes Valenta relevant irrespective of the economic cycle.
  • No Operations Hassle: Because Valenta predominantly handles all operations, you can focus on building your business, clients and revenue base.
  • Unmatched Support: leverage various in-house resources and specialists including a dedicated Business Coach, our world-class Marketing team, our global partner network and our Senior Leadership Team.
  • Training on absolutely everything: We provide comprehensive training (both in-house and external industry leading certifications) on all aspects business, as well as ongoing support to ensure success.
  • Annual Conference: An excellent opportunity to meet the global team, share best practices and updates. Next one is in Las Vegas!


“Having a background in Financial Planning, and a strong network behind me, I was ready to diversify and broaden my scope by joining Valenta. Their outsourcing setup and management is second-to-none, allowing me to focus on generating revenue” – Josh Bennett (Managing Partner (Franchisee))

“Partnering with Valenta has been invaluable for me as their training and support has been outstanding. My network and business continue to grow with their mentorship.”Hamadan Mehdi (Managing Partner (Franchisee))

“My first week as a Franchise Partner proved profitable with my first lead turning instantly into my first client.”Bill Savellis (Managing Partner (Franchisee))


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Franchisees do not need any specific qualifications or prior experience in consulting, digital transformation or outsourcing, as our team will deliver the operations. Our franchisees bring with them a ‘can do’ attitude, adherence to high ethical standards, client centricity and ideally some experience in dealing with B2B clients.

Due to high demand, we are seeking to recruit franchisees across the country and there is a good chance that the area of your choice is available, so get in touch today to request a copy of our franchise prospectus and organise an introductory call.