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The world's leading STEM franchise is now available in the UK. Find out how you can join the global RoboThink family of successful franchisees.

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United Kingdom

RoboThink offers fun and exciting Robotics, Engineering and Coding programs where engineers, tinkerers, builders and coders of all ages can explore the exciting world of STEM!  RoboThink offers a variety of fun and educational STEM programs throughout the year. RoboThink’s unique and patented robotics kit with our themed lesson plans fosters budding engineers, scientists and programmers. For the child, it’s learn through play with a lot of fun. And for the parent, it’s a great educational tool! RoboThink’s products, programs and curriculum are designed by teachers and engineers to help students maximize academic benefits from our robotics programs. Our step by step curriculum provides engaging and unique lesson plans for budding robot engineers of all ages and skill levels. With over a hundred unique build models ranging in all sorts of shapes, sizes, functions and difficulty, our students never repeat a build twice.

Our Mission

  1. Advance and better human society through quality education.
  2. Foster passion for learning, problem-solving and critical thinking.
  3. Commit ourselves to meet the needs of children, the future of the world, in a creative and innovative fashion.

We offer the following programs and activities.

After School Clubs – Learning doesn’t stop after 3PM with RoboThink! Every after school program is filled with fun and educational projects in robotics, coding and engineering. With hundreds of unique and engaging lesson plans, kids will never get bored!

Camps – Summer and Winter Breaks just became STEM-TASTIC! Half-day and full-day camps are available with each day bursting with robot battles, line-followers and evil robot overlords. Okay, no evil robot overlords but you get the point.

Workshops – We provide fun and challenging robotics and coding workshops to schools, libraries, park districts, and community centers to get students excited about the exciting world of STEM.

Robotics – The RoboThink Robotics program is a hands-on learning experience where students can design and build robots of all shapes, sizes and functions! The RoboThink Robotics Program uses our robotics kit, a leveled curriculum and an open learning environment where students can creatively build and modify robots. Our trained instructors provide guidance but leave the heavy lifting to the students to maximize self-discovery and self-learning.

Programming – What’s better than building robots? Coding robots! The RoboThink Coding Program teaches KS3-KS4 students the principles of programming, the language of the computer. RoboThink developed Ro-Code, a proprietary graphical drag & drop coding platform for students! It’s never been easier and more fun to learn code! RoboThink makes learning code interactive through the use of our Robotics Kit, Ro-Code Software, and our step-by-step project-based workbooks. Students are introduced to a particular coding concept and asked to apply it in a robot build model. Breathe life into your robotics hardware by programming it! RoboThink makes it easy and fun for students of all ages to learn programming! Early exposure to coding can have a tremendous impact on your child in the short-term and long-term. Your child will learn important problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Your child will also gain an important 21st-century skill that will better equip them to succeed and thrive in the digital world.

Our Product

Unlike other STEM centers, RoboThink’s designs and manufactures a proprietary line of STEM products with kids and ease of use in mind. Every minute detail is considered and our products are manufactured to exacting specifications. We use only the best quality plastics, metals and tooling machines during the manufacturing process.

Our Software

We believe that software can be an excellent tool to introduce students to the world of computer programming. Our software engineers breakdown and simplify coding concepts and tools into visual figures and processes to make it easy for students to understand these topics.

Our Curriculum

We believe the best method of learning is a step-by-step approach. By breaking down concepts into manageable chunks, students progress at a comfortable pace while developing self-confidence. Our staff of engineers and teachers are constantly updating the curriculum with new and innovative ways to make learning about STEM easier and more fun.

Our Methods

We believe that learning happens best through self-discovery and exploration. In our programs, students are encouraged to build but make modifications or re-design as they see fit. During this crucial time, there is an explosion of brain activity as students must imagine how a re-designed model works and what process they should come up with to complete the re-design.