Pink Connect Franchise

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£19,950 + VAT

Description :

Pink Connect are a national business communication, IT and digital security company established in 2002 offering a complete suite of leading-edge business solutions, serving over 2000 small and medium size organisations across the UK. Find out more about the Pink Connect franchise by enquiring below.

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United Kingdom


A Unique Telecoms and IT Franchise Opportunity with Pink Connect, a Company with a 10-year track record in successful Franchising…

Our business is literally our family. As we have grown over the last 16 years, that family ethic has grown with us. Indeed, since our first Franchisee joined in 2008, we have proven the quality of our Product set, Business Model, Industry leading Customer Service and Retention year on year… Just ask our Customers!

Who are Pink Connect and what do we do?

A One-Stop-Shop for Business Communications…

Pink Connect supply an innovative set of Business Communication, IT, Cybersecurity and Commercial Power products that are essential to every Business in the UK. Every School, Hotel, Retail Shop, Estate Agent, Solicitor, Accountant… in fact every Business, needs Power, Internet, Telephones, IT and Security.

Pink Connect have 16 years’ experience, partnering with Best of Breed Suppliers like Cisco, Gamma and Microsoft, to provide everything Businesses need to function cost effectively and efficiently and 2019 sees us set to grow rapidly across the UK, providing environmentally sustainable Power and Business Communications to the next 2000 customers.

What we provide…

  • Mobile Voice & Data Connectivity
  • Business Quality Internet connectivity
  • Business Grade Public and Secure Wi-Fi
  • Industry leading Cyber Security
  • Network Design & Installation
  • IT System Design, Supply, Installation and Support
  • Commercial Power & Water Brokerage
  • GDPR Gap Analysis & Implementation
  • Best of Breed Voice over IP Telephony


Why Franchise with Pink Connect?

The Business Communications Market has proven to be highly profitable. There are over 1.9 million Businesses trading in the UK today, all of whom need some, or all of our products and services. With our long experience and expertise, we will guide you and your Franchise Business to capitalise on the huge demand for secure Business Communications. Quite simply we need partners to help us capture the marketplace available to us. Motivated, dedicated individuals that are willing to work with us and expand our customer network in your Postcode area.

“Residual payment” in business, one of an ongoing stream of payments for the completion of past achievements     (Wikipedia)

The Franchise Opportunity

Investing in our People is the key:

Pink Connect’s franchise model has for 10 years been carefully honed to ensure new Franchisees rapidly build reliable, long term Residual Incomes. We will show you exactly how to start and grow a successful business. We are keen to expand into areas which we know have the potential to provide very rewarding, exciting and sound business futures. Together with you, each Franchise Area will be carefully analysed and developed, with focus and clearly defined goals, ensuring your success in the Franchised Business.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of that future?

A turn key business model:

A Pink Connect Franchise is a turn key business model that allows a new Franchisee to get up and running quickly with our excellent Training Program, Business Mentors and Support from our amazing Head Office Support Team. We have literally “done it all before” with current successful Franchisees working secure in the knowledge their business is growing, their residual income is secure for years, and they have skilled Business Partners to call on at any time.

Estimated Earning Potential

The below figures are the estimated earning potential of a franchise with Pink Connect. These figures are based on existing franchisee’s performance, but are not a guarantee or warranty of your actual earnings. With hard work and dedication, we expect that these figures can be met, or even exceeded.

£20,000 – Year 1 earnings
£36,000 – Year 2 earnings
£55,000 – Year 3 earnings

Franchise Help and Support

With a Pink Connect Franchise, we provide in-depth training, a proven business plan, business coaching and sales support to ensure you place the effort where its most needed. We include:

  • Comprehensive initial Industry Training
  • Ongoing Monthly Sales Workshops and Product training
  • Business Plan Coaching / Diary Planning Support
  • One Day “Business Calling and Appointment Making” Master Class
  • One Day Commercial Power Training & Ongoing Broker Support
  • Business start-up support, Business Cards
  • Fully integrated systems and communications package
  • Full Customer Billing, Credit checking. No non-payer risks
  • Access to qualified staff
  • Targeted Area Lead generation

What Established Franchisees Say…

“If you are an entrepreneurial spirit with the desire to work hard and don’t want to be restricted by any boundaries then the Pink Connect Franchise is an exceptional opportunity, as a Pink Connect Franchisee for over 10 Years I have been delighted with my Investment. The beauty of this business is the ongoing residual income and the opportunity every day to continue to build your company with a wide variety of products and services. If you are looking to change your working life, I would seriously suggest you consider Pink Connect.”

Tony O’Connell
Twickenham Franchisee – Pink Connect

“Becoming a part owner of a Pink Connect franchise has been an excellent business decision for me. I run the business with my husband and we complement each other’s skills in sales, marketing, technical knowledge and business management. When we began our franchise 10 years ago, we had a young family and the business fitted well around our family life, giving us both the flexibility we required with our children. James and the team at head office are always available to assist with specific support questions and on-going training at regular Sales Workshops, so this ensures we are kept fully up to speed with Industry innovation and new services. I highly recommend a Pink Connect franchise as a serious business opportunity.”

Claire O’Connell
Twickenham Franchisee – Pink Connect

“I started my Pink Connect Franchise in 2009 and have never looked back. Two words really sum up the best thing about the business model – Residual Income. It may take a lot of effort to build up a decent income, what business doesn’t – but once you’ve achieved this, the customers are so satisfied with their service, they keep on recommending you to others and the monthly income just keeps growing. The support offered by the team at head office allow you to focus on growing the business without getting heavily involved on the billing and support side of things. Doing it alone just wouldn’t work”

Danny Snelling
Norwich Franchisee – Pink Connect

“Having invested in a Pink Connect Franchise in 2010, I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made – for three reasons:

  1. Job Satisfaction: Having worked in the banking industry for 10 years, my daily life was commute – office work – commute. Vital experience but draining and frankly boring. I thoroughly enjoy my daily work now, as no two days are the same. There are so many different business are out there and I meet with these local business’ every day, learning and understanding their needs. I love being able to improve their telecoms setup while also saving them money.
  2. Financially: My own financial situation is entirely down to me and the success I make of my business. Every new customer is another step towards a more successful business and therefore more money in my pocket. While profit margins in telecoms have reduced over the years, our products and customer service mean that Pink Connect customers are happy and stay year on year. Other franchise models rely on a flat fee after an initial period but the Pink Connect model is just a percentage of turnover, meaning the franchisor only makes money if the franchisee is successful, giving the franchisee sufficient time to build a customer base.
  3. Support: Pink Connect is just the right size. I know everyone in head office and they know me, making for a good working relationship. I can trust them to look after my customers in a timely manner and also have an influence over our suppliers since Head Office and the other Franchisees accounts make up a considerable customer base.

While a Pink Connect franchise may not be for everyone, for the right person, all the ingredients are there to build a successful and profitable business. I would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity with any potential franchisee”

David Cameron
Watford Franchisee – Pink Connect

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