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Run your own education franchise with Mathnasium - full training and ongoing support by a leading franchisor provided

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United Kingdom

Our numbers really do add up…

This business is one of the most rewarding franchises in the UK.

Lucrative LIFESTYLE BusinessMULTI-CENTRE Empire
£100K+ Earnings Per Year£1M+ EBITDA Pear Year
Build your first centre managing your team of maths instructors and grow your student base to earn £100K – £150K per year in c. 2-3 years.Multi-centre operations have the potential to deliver £1M+ EBITDA per annum from an 8-10 centre operation, proven in the USA.

Former Banker wanted to make money while making a differenceFormer Finance Professional chose Mathnasium to leave corporate life foreverExperienced Entrepreneur is building his own multi-centre tuition business
Rab Selvaratnam
Mathnasium Harrow
“I thought, you know what, I want to feel my own value. I want to make a real difference.”
Mandeep Mangat
Mathnasium Wimbledon
“I felt like there was something missing – something more I should be doing with my time.”
Dan Tregoning
Mathnasium Fulham
“Having a very good package and support in setting up my franchise really appealed to me.”

With a Mathnasium franchise the opportunity is clear: you’ll be in the business of changing the lives of our next generation, all while earning a healthy income and building an asset to sell in the future.

“I was in international finance and wanted to achieve more than simply earning money. I investigated many franchises, even McDonald’s, before investing in Mathnasium because the rewards are so much more than just financial. I took over as the UK franchisor just before Covid landed and the UK networks sales are up 109% because the huge demand that already existed has increased further.”

 John Preston – UK Franchisor and Clapham Franchisee

No teaching experience required: you will be running your business and employ instructors to deliver the tailored tuition in your centre(s) and online. How you grow your business is up to you…

Proven premises-based business modelBuild a regular monthly subscription incomeAmbitious? Open more centres or grow super-centres
Start your first centre and employ your instructors who will deliver Maths tuition to children aged 4 – 16yrsChildren attend frequently enabling your team to have a real impact on their skills and confidenceOnce your first centre is returning a healthy profit, open your second, or grow a super-centre


The jobs of the future aren’t memorising things from a piece of paper. Maths is fundamental to STEM careers such as computing and engineering, and it also gives children lifelong analytical and critical decision-making skills.

There is a growing crisis with the lack of skilled maths teaching in the UK, an issue our centres address with the Mathnasium Method. Our proprietary teaching materials and techniques have been built around the UK curriculum and are delivered to each child via a personalised learning plan that addresses their specific needs. Your team will teach for understanding, not rote learning.

Your instructors will have more than 22,000 pages of resources to call on to drive the best results for children in your local community. And with Mathnasium@home, the same face-to-face learning in real-time with your instructor is delivered online increasing your reach and your income.


Our most successful franchisees start out in their centres, managing their instructors, meeting and greeting parents and enjoying the reward of seeing children transform in confidence.
The speed and scale of growth is completely up to you, with the flexibility to move into the role of an owner-director; employ centre managers and open more centres; or focus on a single centre.

Customers are families who prioritise their children’s successFounded in 2002, with over 1,000 centres globallyCreate a safe learning environment in-centre(s) and online, in real-time


If you are interested in learning more about the Mathnasium business opportunity you will need:

  • The passion and pedigree to help children thrive
  • The confidence to relate to affluent parents
  • To be hands-on with your centre(s), particularly at the beginning
  • At least £30K of your own capital to invest (with the ability to borrow for a total investment of £100K to £160K, depending on location)