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The Leisure Leagues Sports Franchises

The reason for the move to create a sports franchise was simple for Leisure Leagues. Being ‘local’ offers some huge advantages for our franchise business… the ability to promote for new teams as and when needed, local knowledge of facilities and competition, and the opportunity to have full visibility of the leagues themselves in your local area.

Leisure Leagues sports franchises provides the infrastructure for your business including fully interactive website, iPhone and Android app, public liability insurance, quality equipment imported directly saving you money, full training and dedicated support from our experienced team.

This leaves you to concentrate on recruiting your teams and running a well organised and good value leagues to maximize your profits for your new business.

There are two opportunities available with Leisure Leagues sports franchises

Buy an Area or Buy an Existing League. Buying an area is exactly that. You buy an area that doesn’t currently have any leagues and are able to run leagues in as many places and on as many nights of the week as you want.

Leisure Leagues sport franchise opportunity investment

The price for this starts at £4,995 + VAT. If you want to buy an existing league (or leagues) you can do that too. You will earn money from day one, with an immediate return on your investment. Most leagues are available for sale so if you want to run the 5 or 6 a side league that is already in your area, you can do just that.

Administration time is reduced by our state of the art IT systems, meaning a full time wage is possible from just part time hours!

Leisure League Sports Franchises

Who Are We Looking For?

A Leisure Leagues sports franchise is not for everyone (in fact running your own business is not for everyone full stop!). You will need to be confident when meeting new people, organised, and the self motivation need to be a success. An interest in football is an advantage but by no means an absolute necessity…

Our franchisees come from all walks of life and from all ages and backgrounds. They are of all ages and all have different hopes and aims for their new franchise businesses.

So if you have the passion and drive to be a success then we could be the perfect ‘match’ for you…

Potential Franchise Profits

You charge the teams a match fee, all we take is three pounds per team per week. The match fees are set by you.

So obviously, the more teams you have playing in your leagues the more money you are making! As a rough guide each team is worth around £500 to £600 profit per year to a franchisee. Our top franchisees have over two hundred teams playing in their leagues.

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