Jiggy Wrigglers Franchise

Description :

Jiggy Wrigglers is a children's music and dance class franchise business.

Home Based :


Part Time :

Yes, or full time.

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United Kingdom

Join our franchise family!

Jiggy Wrigglers is a tried and tested, comprehensive, nationwide children’s music and movement business that’s ready to go as soon as you are…

What makes Jiggy Wrigglers the ideal business opportunity for you?

Jiggy Wrigglers is one of the top performing children’s activity platforms in the UK. Our award-winning programmes are delivered to more than 10,000 children every month in the form of groups, nursery sessions and birthday parties. Besides our proven business model and extensive network of franchisees, we offer full support in every element of setting up and running your Jiggy Wrigglers business, and all we ask from you (as a franchisee and business owner) is a full commitment to early childhood education and entertainment.

What are the benefits of becoming a Jiggy Wrigglers franchisee?

  • Continuous training and support
  • Your own geographical territory to run, with no crossover of areas.
  • Complete set of percussion instruments, sensory equipment and all other equipment necessary to start your business
  • Three days of intensive training to get you up and running.
  • Full set of approved playlists.
  • Free advertisement, and promotional materials
  • Detailed training manual
  • Personalised local website creation and support
  • Free intranet facility to allow for more internal communication
  • Free advice and training on managing and growing your business
  • One-to-one business advisory services before the official launch in your location to act as a reinforcement of the training course
  • Regular meetings, training, and networking opportunities for franchisees throughout the year
  • Peace of mind from working with a registered trademarked company and brand


Franchise Investment

Financing a new business venture can be challenging, so Jiggy Wrigglers have developed a different way of doing things… We invest in you.

Offering Jiggy Wrigglers classes in and around your home-town without the requirement of financial investment is a great way to give people the confidence and knowledge to run their own business or simply to get back into work.

Not only will you increase your professional and personal involvement within your community, you will also encourage and offer young families new opportunities to interact and socialise more regularly. Enhancing the variety of activities on offer in your community without having to design and implement program structure will save you considerable time, money and effort.
Our Franchise package includes ALL the equipment and training required to enable you to deliver exceptional music and movement sessions in a fun and stimulating environment. Jiggy Wrigglers is a nationwide business, delivering fun, upbeat music and movement sessions to more than 10,000 children every month.

There is no maximum to the number of groups you can run each week, but we do ask that you commit to a minimum of 2 groups per week, and follow the Jiggy Wrigglers programme guidelines (this will be covered in training).

Our multi-sensory classes provide a perfect introduction to music and movement for parents and young children. We will introduce you to lots of new songs and many old favourites, unique sensory props and tactile materials. Our playlists change every couple of weeks, enabling families to learn songs while keeping things fresh and enjoyable.
Just like any other business, you as the owner of the franchise need to put in hard work to ensure success.

It will require an investment of time, effort and dedication to the business. Jiggy Wrigglers we have a well-established and profitable business model along with a growing market for our recognised and respected brand.

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