Party over? Young people 'turn away from Ibiza'

Ibiza’s reputation as a party destination for 20-somethings looks to be slowly changing as visitors to the Spanish island get older.

Over the last five years, one in six bookings have shifted from those under 30 to the 30-39 age bracket, according to holiday company Thomas Cook.

Millennials are increasingly travelling to places such as the Greek islands to get more for their money.
While Ibiza remains popular, many of its regular visitors who lived it up at the island’s superclubs in the late 1990s and 2000s have now settled down and want something different from their Balearic break.
Wellness and spa sessions during the day are increasingly popular, with designer hotels and VIP party experiences also on the rise.
“Ibiza is changing as its customers’ tastes change,” said Tony Hopkins, Thomas Cook’s UK product director.

Image: David and Samantha Cameron enjoyed a relaxing Ibiza break in 2013
“The happy hardcore of the 90s and early 2000s is giving way to chillout beats to suit a growing band of 30-somethings and their young families.
“It’s always been a cool destination and it’s now getting more exclusive.

“The hotels on the island have invested wisely in their offer to customers which have kept customers coming back as their tastes and priorities change.”
Family holidays to the island have also risen 6%, said the travel operator.

Image: Zante, also known as Zakynthos, is well known for its picturesque Navagio beach
Greek islands Kos and Zante are benefiting from the changing tastes, with bookings doubling for under-25s since 2009.
The nightlife on offer at places such as Zante’s Laganas Strip are making it one of Europe’s most popular destinations for travellers on a budget.
“Kos and Zante’s dedicated party areas are attractive to young revellers looking for a more affordable alternative to Ibiza,” said Mr Hopkins from Thomas Cook.
“Greece is having a bumper year and these emerging party islands just help to broaden Greece’s offer even more, while customers looking for the Mamma Mia experience have a huge range of authentic Greek hotels and restaurants across its thousands of islands.”

Source: SKY

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