Different types of catering & food franchises reviewed

How many different types of catering franchises are available in the UK?

Many of our favourite restaurants and fast food outlets are operated as catering franchises. This
franchise type benefits from instant brand recognition, excellent promotion and national marketing
programs, slick training, and supply chains. Some of the worlds most successful franchise
opportunities are within catering. To operate a catering franchise customer service is key to

Catering franchise opportunities cover many areas of food retail and include the following;


Fast food franchises

Food on the go around the clock is what consumers demand, drives through and fast food can be a
24-7 business. These are lucrative catering franchises that are often, high initial investment. This
type of opportunity may attract ex-corporate professionals that wish to run a business management


Mobile catering franchises

There has been a rise in mobile catering franchises, this is a popular area of the catering industry
that often serves places that are off the beaten track, perhaps out of town industrial estates for
example. These franchise types are often owner operated and can create a loyal customer base,
once established. Whether your mobile catering franchises retails sandwiches, confectionery, or
beverages. As a mobile catering franchisee, community will be at the heart of what you do.


Chicken franchises

Fried chicken is one of the most popular catering franchises, many fried chicken franchises are high
investment, and score highly for brand awareness, customer service and training. Location is key
for this type of franchise. Many franchisors in this sector will assist in locating premises in prime
retail locations. This franchise type can also be run management style.


Pizza Franchises

With well established roots in franchising pizza is one of the most popular franchise types.
Delivery is key to pizza franchises , with great online or over the phone ordering systems, your
piping hot, tasty pizza is just a few clicks away. This lucrative franchise type could be ideal for any

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